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Lens Upgrades


Glare Protection

Non glare helps to eliminate the look of glare on your lenses, enabling people to see your eyes and not the reflective glare. It also helps with night driving, over head lights giving you more clarity.



Polycarbonate is a thinner lighter weight lens that is  impact resistant and automatically have UV protection and the scratch resistance. 


Blue Light Lenses

Blue Light Protecting lenses serve as a glare protector and they cut down on blue light transmission from devices to the eyes. Blue light from computers, phones, TVs, and tablets can cause fatigue, headaches, sleep disruption and is linked to age related macular degeneration.



Photochromic lenses / transitional lenses darken outdoors like sunglasses while in sunlight. Excellent for those who love versatility in look and those with light sensitivity. Transitions do not darken like sunglasses in the car because of the UV protection in your windsheild. 


Custom Tints

Choose from Solid Tints or Gradient Lens tint that go from Darkest up top, Lightening to Clear on the Bottom. Mirroring options are available.

Polarized Suns

Polarized lenses help to eliminate glare, providing more clarity and allowing your eyes to be more comfortable in the light. 

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