"You are great when you can help  bring out the beauty and greatness in others"
- Brandy Carson, ABOC.
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Want To Try Them Before You Buy Them?
You Have That Option! 


👋 Hi Colorful Roots Family!

For those of you that don't know me, I'm Brandy.

The lead stylist, certified optician and founder of Colorful Roots LLC.

I have over 15 years' experience fitting and styling people from all walks of life. I call myself the Naturalista with a Passion for Fashion and Culture. While working for other optical companies I would constantly get patients that would complain about all of the frames looking the same and none of them having flavor. The Colorful Roots optical division was created out of my desire to offer Fun, Unique, Stylish Eyewear that people wanted at a reasonable price so that they too could enjoy the energy of cool frames and the luxury of multiple pairs.


If you want a pair of glasses, you can buy it on the he website and just buy the frame and take it to your own doctor's office to have your prescription filled.


For more information READ BELOW. Have further questions? Please don't hesitate to call. 👓

********* HOW DO I PURCHASE? ******* GLAD YOU ASKED!!!

1. You can buy the Glasses Online and we will confirm selection or buy the [ FRAME ONLY] on this site and take the frame to your own optician.  


2.  We can mail you up to 5 FRAMES by 📭. [Deposit Required $149 ]

Call 269.718.7752

3. Or you can schedule an Appointment at the boutique. Call or Schedule Online

3. We also offer Free Virtual Fittings via Zoom / Facetime for extra assistance and when purchasing from afar.


QUESTIONS??? Feel Free to Call or Text for more information. ☎️ 269.718.7752