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Our liquid black soap is 100% natural. It is excellent for deep cleaning your skin. Helps with aging, acne, evening your skin tone, and nourishing your skin. This soap has been used in African tradition for thousands of years.We offer this liquid form because it is easier to manage and to use for the full body and hair.


***I used to work with a older lady that suffered from acne and craters on her face. She was taking a prescribed medicine that cost her almost a hundred dollars a month. She had mentioned it to me and I offered her some black soap to try. She came back to work after the weekend explaining how much she loved it and that she wanted to get some for a young lady at her church.


This is one of many success stories. Everything isn't for everybody but this seems to work well for many. If you have any question feel free to ask.


Thank you!

Liquid Black Soap - Ideal Facial Cleanser

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