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Shea Butter Mix 100% Natural Full Body Butter

Can be used from Hair to Toe! Excellent for Nourishing and Moisturizing your skin.


Liquid Black Soap 100% Natural Face and Body Soap. Used in Africa for Centuries.

Cleans you skin with this tried and true Natural formula. Soap Imported from Ghana and hand mix as a body wash.


Fragrance Body Oils All fragrances start off in oil form when generating the formulas. The fragrances that you pick up at the department stores are diluted with alcohol which contributes to the scents quick evaporation. These fragrance oils are more in their natural form so a little goes a long ways.

Spot test for sensitivity or allergic reactions.



Essential Oil Blend 100% Natural Essential Oils are the life blood / essence of the plant, each carrying special properties that are known to benefit you physical and mental health.


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