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Won't He Do It!?!?

Finally the #lensometer of my dreams! 🌉 I have been #scouring the #Earth / #internet trying to find the best lensometer that could fit my budget. 💵

On yesterday my mission was more than accomplished. I took a long 3 hour drive to get to my destination.

The night before, while doing my tireless research I came across a ad on Facebook marketplace for a Topcon lensometer in #mintcondition. 😍

I reached out to the seller and said "👁️will see you tomorrow!

Walking into the home to get #thegoods I instantly notice the framed #eyeball chart on her wall. 💗 She laughed and said it used to be in her bedroom. It turns out that she recently became widowed. She explained that her husband came from a long line of #optometrists in his family.

She said she was happy to be selling the instruments to someone who would put it to good use. I had a huge #WARMFUZZY hearing the story behind these items that I will so cherish.

We got to be a blessing to each other. I knew the love was real when 👁️ saw the #framed #eyeball on the wall. 🎨We #opticalpeople have a #stronglove and #passion for the work that we do. 💗

I got the lensometer and the #visionscreener for $200. 🙌 #TOGODBETHEGLORY

Now I can use these tools to continue to serve my #community in a greater capacity! It was well worth the #roadtrip. 🛣️


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