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Screw a Rx... Give Me #FACE!!!

Who doesn't love to dress up? 👢 Sometimes you just need to switch your style up! ⤵

I had so much fun with this Queen Sista! She was having fun trying on different frames but she fell in love with this frame. She "didn't need glasses" (Rx). No problem I can make them into sunglasses for you but I highly suggest you get non prescription with transitions 👓🕶.

So you can Rock them Bad Boys indoors too!

She became open to that idea and they are going to be the #BOMBBIGGITY for her.

I might be more excited than her. Lol. 🤓

The Moral of the Story is......

Just because you don’t feel you need prescription glasses doesn't mean that you don't need EYEWEAR in your life.

Be it for a new style to match your vibe, sun protection or protect from digital blue light. Being and optician I can help with corrective vision, fashion and the protection of your most valuable asset, your eyes. 👀


Oct 26, 2019

Yayyy!!! Thank you so much for your support! 🤓



I'm enjoying my frames everyday of the week!

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