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Happy Black History Month

Getting sentimental....

Feeling amazed and humbled this Black History month 2020. My storefront display shares in my feelings and my spirit. I found this cotton randomly in a thrift store today and I gravitated towards it. I felt the need to bring it into my store and my home. It represents the struggle... The struggle that I have been through and that we as Black people have been through in this world. No matter how we feel about where we are we must admit.....

I hope to be amoungst the trailblazers in this world and bring light and vision through Colorful Roots... I appreciate everyone's love, support and patience in the establishment of my company. While I have no birth children of my own, Colorful Roots has been my baby, my seed and it is with great pleasure that it has grown. In this journey and I only hope to continue to grow and help others see 👓 growth in their ventures🌱.


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