Have you ever been in a city and wondered where are all of the Black people?

What do they do for fun here? Are there any historical sites that I should know about?

Where are the Examples of Black Beauty? Where is the Black Community? 

Colorful Roots is here for Black Beauty, People, Fashion and the Exploration of our History. We have created a space to answer those questions for you by introducing you to the people of Notoriety in these places and by the creation of the Colorful Routes Travel Guide.



Colorful Roots was created out of my strong love for culture. Every since my first Black history class I have had a passion to learn more and draw strength from the courage of the heroes of the past and present. Learning about their acheivements and courage made me believe in the greatness within myself. With Colorful Roots I wanted to create a space for our culture, beauty, and fashions to be front and center. I want to defy media stereotypes that often insult our character, change our history and dismiss our beauty. That is what lead me to the creation of my Culturally Expressive clothing line.

​ In December of 2020 my husband and I took a trip to Charleston, South Carolina to learn more about the Gullah Geeche culture. In our minds, on the tour we were going to meet a group of Afro American's on coastal land, who were able to maintain their African practices and styles of language throughout slavery and to this day. We thought that we were going to taste their foods and see how they worshiped and all that good stuff.

Well we ended up biting off a little more than we could chew and had a taste of some real strong medicine. We met Godfrey KHill the owner and guide for Gullah Geeche Tours and we met slavery and white power face to face. We saw slave blocks, the port of entry, hanging trees and lavish homes but it must have been that slave bell on that porch that did a lil something to me...

After that trip I was no longer the same. There was a pulling on the spirit of a woman already dissatisfied with just the selling of clothing. I needed more, more depth behind the brand and to provide a greater service to my community. After many prayers, meditations, contemplations and dreams, I decide to partner my obsession's with the "Green Book" travelers guide with my personal passions for travel, history and entrepreneurship. So the formula produced the Colorful Routes Travel Guide. Providing interviews with historians, people and places of noteriety from the cities you want to visit, along with a search engine to find these people and places on our sister site Welcome Aboard!

                                                      -Brandy Peterson


A People without the Knowledge of their Past History, Origin and Culture is like a Tree without Roots.

The Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey


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